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Dish Network Channel Listings for the 119 Satellite

Following is a listing of Dish Network channels available on the primary satellite at 119. Other satellites used by Dish Network include 61.5, 110 and 129

Please note that channel offerings and assignments are subject to change by Dish Nework at any time.

Ch. #

Channel Name


101Remote Control Help119
105USA Network119
106TV Land119
107Comedy Central119
109Lifetime Movie Network119
110Food Network119
116Game Show Network119
120The History Channel119
122Sci-Fi Channel119
128Women's Entertainment119
130American Movie Classics119
131Independent Film Channel119
132Turner Classic Movies119
135BBC America119
143ESPN Classic119
144ESPN 2119
145ESPN Alternate119
146ESPN 2 Alternate119
150The Speed Channel119
153The Outdoor Channel119
161MTV 2119
168Spike TV119
171Nickelodeon (west)119
172The Disney Channel119
173The Disney Channel (west)119
174Toon Disney119
176Cartoon Network119
178The Learning Channel119
180ABC Family119
182The Discovery Channel119
184Animal Planet119
189Discovery Health119
191G4Tech TV119
202CNN Headline News119
204Court TV119
205Fox News Channel119
206CNN Financial/International119
212C-SPAN 2119
213Nasa TV119
214The Weather Channel119
220The Travel Channel119
222Home Shopping Network119
225Beauty & Fashion Shopping119
228Shop NBC119
230TBS Superstation119
232KTLA (Los Angeles WB)119
234WPIX (New York City WB)119
235KWGN (Denver WB)119
236WSBK (Boston UPN)119
238WWOR (New York City UPN)119
262Angel One119
301HBO 2119
302HBO Signature119
303HBO (west)119
304HBO 2 (west)119
305HBO Family119
311Cinemax (west)119
319Showtime (west)119
320Showtime 2119
322Showtime Extreme119
327The Movie Channel119
328The Movie Channel Xtra119
332Sundance Channel119
342Encore Westerns119
352Starz Theater119
353Starz Cinema119
355Black Starz119
405TV Games119
411Fox Sports West 2119
412Madison Square Gardens119
413Fox Sports New York119
414Fox Sports Rocky Mountain119
415Fox Sports Arizona119
416Fox Sports Southwest119
417Fox Sports West119
418Fox Sports Midwest119
419Fox Sports Bay Area119
420Fox Sports South119
421Fox Sports Chicago119
422Sunshine Network119
423Fox Sports Florida119
424Comcast Sports Net Mid Atlantic119
425Fox Sports Ohio119
426Fox Sports Northwest119
427Fox Sports Cincinnati119
428Fox Sports Pittsburgh119
430Fox Sports Detroit119
432Empire Sports Network119
434New England Sports Network119
435Fox Sports New England119
436Fox Sports North119
445Sports Alternate 1119
446Sports Alternate 2119
455PPV Sports119
490Adult Guard Support119
495The Erotic Network119
496TEN Xtasy119
501Dish on Demand Preorder Events119
502Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)119
509Dish on Demand (All Day)119
511Dish on Demand (All Day, DD)119
519Dish on Demand (All Day)119
600RAI International119
847Toon Disney119
874Viva Mariachi (mono)119
875Fiesta Mexicana119
876Latin Styles119
877Miami Mix (mono)119
878Tejano (mono)119
879Latino Pop (mono)119
923Hitline (mono)119
924Hot FM (mono)119
925Expressions (mono)119
926Love Songs (mono)119
927All That Jazz (mono)119
928Moodscapes (mono)119
929New Orleans (mono)119
930Piano & Guitar (mono)119
9317890 - 4 Decades of Music (mono)119
93350's & 60's Hits (mono)119
93470's Hits (mono)119
93580's Hits (mono)119
936Beach Party (mono)119
937Country Music One (mono)119
938Urban Adult (mono)119
939Classic Soul (mono)119
944Italia (mono)119
945Tropical Breezes (mono)119
946Roadhouse (mono)119
950New Country119
951Country Classics119
952Country Currents119
953Jukebox Gold119
95470's Songbook119
955Adult Favorites119
956Adult Contemporary119
957Adult Alternative119
958Hot Hits119
959Classic Rock119
960Modern Rock Alternative119
961Power Rock119
963Urban Beat119
964Latin Styles119
965Fiesta Mexicana119
966Euro Style119
967Jazz Traditions119
968Contemporary Jazz Flavors119
969Acoustic Crossroads119
970Contemporary Instrumentals119
971Classical Ambience119
972Light Classical119
973Easy Instrumentals119
974Big Band Era119
975Contemporary Christian119
976Kids Tunes119
977New Age119
981Hawaiian Music119
9409RFD TV119
9411Northern Arizona University House119
9412University of California TV119
9500Dish Instant Weather119
9602Business TV119

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