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Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Amplifiers and Antennas for Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Improve your reception anywhere in Placerville, El Dorado, Placer or Amador County

Ever experience cell phone reception problems on the road, at home or at your business? Tired of dropped calls, disconnections, and slow data rates or downloads and erratic performance on your smart phone, tablet, data card or modem? Are you just out of reach from the nearest cell signal?

Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

We provide and install innovative, patented technology to boost cell phone reception. Now you can improve your cell phone reception with an amplifier and antenna system that will increase your cell signal virtually anywhere in El Dorado, Placer or Amador County within minimal range of a cell-phone tower. Our cell phone signal boosters are able to pick up weak signals from the cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then relay a more powerful signal back to the tower. Our boosters work with Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile, and are compatible with most wireless cellular modems (Air Cards).

Reasons For Weak Cell-phone Signals: Diagram of how a cell phone booster works Solution For Weak Cell-phone Signals - Your Own Professionally-installed Cellular Signal Booster Amplifier And Antenna System

An In-Building Wireless Amplifier System requires no physical connection to your phone - it's wireless. As shown in the diagram at right, the outdoor directional antenna (1) pulls in and amplifies weak signals from a remote cell-phone tower and then feeds it to a high-gain, broad-band amplifier(2). The amplifier receives its power from a standard 120 volt receptacle (3). The amplifier boosts the signal even more and then feeds it to an indoor antenna (4) that rebroadcasts the cell signal wirelessly to your cell phone or other wireless devices. The booster system in turn picks up and amplifies the signal from your phone and sends it back to the cell phone tower.

Wilson 5-Band Cellular Signal Boosters Our Top-of-The-Line Wilson CI-Series 5-Band Cellular Signal Boosters provide maximum boost and coverage. The CI-Series 5-band frequency range guarantees compatibility with all current and emerging cell phone frequencies, future-proofing your installation against obsolescence.

Designed for professional installation to provide signal coverage in buildings up to 10,000 square feet, or more with custom configuration. The Wilson CI-Series boosts signals on 800 MHz, 1900MHz, AWS and both AT&T and Verizon 700 MHz 4G networks. The CI-Series is the most affordable five-band Signal Booster available. Wilson’s compact, integrated design is about the size of a textbook and weighs less than 3 pounds. The CI-Series controls enable gain optimization on each of the frequency bands.

The CI-Series delivers up to 70 dB of gain and supports CDMA, GSM, EVDO, LTE, HSPA+ and WCDMA technologies. Like all Wilson Signal Boosters this unit features cell tower protection technologies refined over more than a decade of research and development.

Wilson 5-Band Booster Kit Complete Wilson CI-Series 5-Band Cellular Signal Booster Kits

All kits contain one CI-series Signal Booster, an external, High-gain Wide-band directional antenna, and a detached, indoor High-gain directional panel antenna. The indoor panel antenna can be mounted anywhere maximum signal is desired, and additional panel antennas can be added to extend indoor coverage. Designed for ceiling or wall mount, these antennas can also be placed above the ceiling to totally conceal them. Please Contact Us Today for a quote.

We offer and install innovative, patented technology that provides the most transparent operation to boost cell phone reception. For more information, Contact Us Today at 530-903-4257.

Cell Phone Booster Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Can I use your cell phone signal boosters (or amplifiers) and antennas with my wireless air card?

Yes. Our equipment can amplify all data signals used in the U.S., both on 850 and 1900 MHz.

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Can I use a signal booster in my car or boat, which has 12v DC power?

Yes. Some of our signal boosters need 6v DC but we have power adapters to convert either the AC commercial power or the 12 v available in mobile applications, to the 6v DC. Every booster includes a power supply that provides the correct voltage for its usual application.

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Which cell phone carriers are supported by your cell phone boosters?

Our equipment supports all carriers in North America and most providers in Central and South America. Boosters will work with all GSM, TDMA, CDMA and EDGE technologies. The iDEN band, used by Nextel in the U.S. or MIKE in Canada, have a different frequency range and we can provide amplifiers specifically for them as well. For more specific questions, please call us at 530-903-4257.

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Will your signal booster provide signal both inside and outside the building?

We offer several booster models to improve signal in a vehicle or building. Depending on the outside signal level and frequency, you may get some coverage outside your vehicle or building but our amplifiers are not designed for this purpose.

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What frequencies does my carrier use? Isn't data always on 1900 MHz? (Is GSM on 1900, etc.)

OOne way to find out what frequency your carrier uses in your area is to visit www.wirelessadvisor.com. They have information on which licenses the carriers are using in a certain location, based on what the FCC has granted to each company. Another way to get this information would be to call tech support at your cell company.

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How much coverage will your cellular signal booster (or amplifier) provide in my building/vehicle?

The amount of signal coverage depends on several factors, including the strength of the outside signal, its frequency, and, for a building system, the construction of the building. Please call us at 530-903-4257 for assistance on estimating the coverage you might get.

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Will your cell phone booster increase the data rate of my air card?

A cellular signal booster can increase the data speed of an air card if you have a weak signal in your area. If you already have a strong signal, it can't increase the upload/download speed of your provider's tower and equipment.

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Do you offer adapters for air cards?

We may have an adapter for your air card.  Please call us at 530-903-4257. If we don't have one, there are other options available which don't require a direct connection into the card.

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Can the mobile cradle solutions be used with more than one phone at a time?

These solutions are designed as a single phone solution. However, they will boost the signal of multiple phones in close proximity to the cradle. The phone in the cradle will get the most gain.

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Do cell boosters come with a warranty?

Yes, all products are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee and all signal boosters and antennas come with a 2 year warranty.

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Cell Phone Booster FAQ

How do you boost my cell phone signal?

Dropped calls and slow data rates are generally caused by distance from a cell tower or natural and man-made obstructions, such as buildings, hills, trees, etc...

Cellular signals for both cell phones and data cards can be boosted by the use of a high gain antenna or the combination of an antenna and bi-directional signal booster system and we offer multiple solutions to stay connected.

There are two components to ensuring reliable cellular communication. The first step is receiving a strong signal. Our high gain cellular antennas collect weak or distant cellular signals and send them to the signal booster. The signal booster then boosts those signals and rebroadcasts them to nearby cell phones and data cards.

The second part of the equation is transmitting the signal back to the cell tower which is typically the weakest part of a phone's ability when used alone. With a bidirectional signal booster you are able to broadcast a much stronger signal back to the cell site at a greater distance. A high quality signal booster system is critical to maintaining a constant connection and increased cellular standards.

All signal boosters are FCC-type accepted, and we offer a wide range of powerful mobile wireless and building signal boosters for all carrier frequencies as well as high-gain antennas with multiple mounting options.

For more details call us at 1-530-903-4257.

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What is a basic wireless signal booster system and how do I know if it will work for me?

A basic system includes an outside antenna to collect the signal from the cell tower, a signal booster to boost the signal, an inside antenna to broadcast the improved signal over the inside of the building or vehicle and cabling to connect the three parts together.

A wireless signal booster system will work for you if you can make a cell phone call from where-ever you might put the outside antenna. If you can make a call from outside of your vehicle or from the roof of your house or building, the signal is probably strong enough for the system to help you.

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Can I leave my signal booster on all the time?

All signal boosters can remain on all the time; however, leaving the signal booster on when a vehicle is not running can discharge the battery in a day or two. As all of our vehicular boosters are supplied with cigarette lighter plug power supplies, you should verify that your cigarette lighter socket is not powered when the ignition key is off. If it remains on, we recommend that the signal booster be powered through the ignition switch (from the fuse block) so that the signal booster turns off and on with the vehicle ignition.

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Does your signal booster need to be professionally installed?

For best performance, we recommend professional installation. We are certified cell-phone booster system technicians and installers, and can quickly install your cell booster system in the best location for maximum signal.

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Can your In-Building Wireless signal booster be used in a vehicle?

In-Building Wireless signal boosters are not recommended for use in vehicles as the higher gain usually requires a minimum separation of 40 feet between the inside and outside antennas. Less separation could cause the signal booster to go into oscillation (feedback) and shut itself down.

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How many phones can I use at the same time on a wireless system?

Though signal boosters can operate on any cell service provider's systems, the number of phones that can operate simultaneously on a wireless system depends on the outside signal strength. The stronger the outside signal is the more phones a signal booster can support. Conversely, the weaker the outside signal is, the fewer phones it can support. Technical Support has never received a report of a system supporting too few phones.

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Can I wire the 12VDC power connection directly into my vehicle's electrical system?

Yes. Most of our signal boosters are available with a hardwire kit available that allows you to connect directly to the vehicle's electrical system. You can also cut off the cigarette lighter adapter plug and wire the cord into a fused circuit. If you use a circuit controlled by the ignition switch, you can turn the signal booster off and on with the vehicles key.

The center contact in the signal booster's power connection is positive. Wiring the signal booster into the ignition system will prevent it from discharging the vehicle's battery when the vehicle is not running.

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Will your signal boosters work on GSM?

Yes. We have signal boosters that work with all analog and digital cell phone technologies, including AMPS, CDMA, GSM, TDMA, iDEN, EDGE, 1xEV-DO, GPRS and the latest 3G HSDPA. has signal boosters specifically designed for GSM and iDEN.

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Will your Mobile Wireless signal booster work with the Glass-Mount Antenna?

Yes, though with the higher gain wireless vehicular boosters, the glass antenna should be mounted on the rear window and as far as possible from the 'inside' antenna. This is necessary in order to prevent feedback oscillations, which though detected and prevented by the signal booster's protection circuitry, will cause the signal booster to be shut down and the indicator light to glow red. Consult the specific installation guide for more detail.

With a magnetic roof antenna, the metal roof acts as a shield between the outside and inside antenna. With a glass mount antenna, the signal booster's signal can pass through the glass and be more easily picked up by the glass-mount antenna.

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Can a Direct Connection signal booster be used as a wireless unit by adding an inside antenna?

Our direct Connection signal boosters must be physically connected to your cell phone or cellular data card with an external antenna adapter as a Direct Connection signal booster does not produce enough gain to drive an inside antenna and give you even a small service range.

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Antenna FAQ

Does the Magnet-Mount antenna need to be mounted vertically or can it be mounted horizontally?

Cell tower antennas are mounted vertically, so the Magnet Mount Antenna and all of the other whip-type antennas will give the best performance when mounted vertically. When both antennas are in the same orientation, they are polarized. Polarized antennas transmit and receive signals with the most efficiency.

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Can I paint the antennas?

Cell booster antennas can be painted as long as the paint does not contain metal flakes (metallic paint). The metal particles would change and disrupt the antenna's signal transmission characteristics.

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Will the Magnet-Mount Antenna work if I place it on a non-metal surface?

A Magnet Mount antenna must be placed on a ferrous metal (iron or steel) for it to work properly. If the magnet on the antenna base sticks to a surface, the surface is made of iron or steel and the antenna will work.

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Why must the outside and inside antennas be located so far apart?

Placing the outside and inside antennas too close together, could cause the booster to oscillate (feedback) and to be shut down by the oscillation detection circuitry. For example the antennas on a 50 dB amplifier must be separated by at least 40 feet. The antennas on a 60 dB amplifier must be separated by at least 75 feet. A roof or wall will help with reducing the need for separation.

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Does your signal booster directional antenna need to be grounded?

The Yagi does not need to be grounded. We do however strongly recommend a Lightning Surge Protector in all building installations. The Lightning Surge Protector will ground the antenna and prevent an electrical surge from damaging your signal booster.

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What is the range of your inside antenna?

The range or distance you can be from an inside antenna depends on the strength of the signal coming from the cell tower and the output power of the signal booster. The stronger your outside signal is, the greater the range will be. Range is not determined by the antenna.

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Can your cell booster antenna be installed upside down?

Yes. The signal pattern for the omni-directional antennas (such as the Trucker, Low Profile, Magnet or Glass Mount) will work well as long as the antenna is vertical (pointing up or down). However, they lose much of their effectiveness if they are mounted sideways or at an angle.

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Can I use your Yagi (directional) antenna on my RV?

Yes, but since a Yagi cellular antenna is directional, you would need to re-aim it at each new location.

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Can I use a Trucker antenna on my house?

Yes. Although designed for mobile use, a Trucker antenna will provide the same signal improvement if mounted on a stationary structure. However, we recommend a Yagi (directional) antenna for all building installations. A Yagi has more gain and can compensate for signal loss through the cable.

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Where should the inside antenna be placed on an In-Building Cell Phone Signal Booster system?

The inside antenna should be placed in the area where you need service the most. The inside antenna should be kept out of contact with metal objects and away from electronic devices and electrical wiring. Some situations may require more than one antenna.

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Will your cell-phone booster antennas work on GSM?

Our cell-phone booster antennas will work with all cell phone technologies including AMPS, CDMA, GSM, TDMA, iDEN, EDGE, 1xEV-DO, GPRS and the latest 3G HSDPA.

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Do your cell-phone booster antennas work on digital signals or on analog signals?

All antennas work on both digital and analog signals.

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