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About El Dorado Networks

El Dorado Networks is a technology consulting firm with offices in Diamond Springs in the El Dorado County Sierra Foothills of Northern California.

Reliable High-speed Internet service is difficult to come by in many areas of the Sierra Nevadas in El Dorado County and throughout Northern California. Our goal is to provide cost-effective high-speed broadband Internet solutions. We specialize in DIRECTV and HughesNet Gen4 Internet Systems installed to Professional Standards, providing quality and efficiency at an affordable price.

El Dorado Networks is locally owned and operated by Alan Thompson, who has over 35 years of professional technician experience in The Satellite Communications Industry.

Certified HughesNet Satellite Internet Retailer and Installer

Certified DIRECTV Retailer and Installer

Certified Dish Network Retailer and Installer

Certified VSAT Systems Dealer and Installation Technician

Certified StarBand Dealer and Installer

Certified WildBlue and Exede Dealer and Installer

Specialist in Computer Networking and Wireless Internet Distribution (WiFi) Systems.

Bilingual English and Spanish

Specialist in Remote Installations

Specialist in Off-grid and Solar Electrical Installations

Available for Disaster Recovery and Emergency Response Engagements

Read Our Customers' Five-star Yelp Reviews:

Yelp Five-star Rating Excellent Customer Service - From my first phone call, to final installation, Alan and Brianna have provided excellent customer service. They have patiently answered ALL my endless questions and provided requested information in a timely fashion.

Before calling Alan, I attempted to deal directly with a TV provider (Direct). There WAS NO dealing directly with the provider... Endless calls to recorded loops, finally speaking with people who were nearly impossible to communicate with and were unable to resolve anything. They were NO-shows to my scheduled installation appointment.... TWICE. No apology or explanation.

A shout out to Alan's installer, David, for coming out on Saturday (the day following placing my order!) to get us hooked up and patiently explaining how to operate our new equipment.

So... Save yourself a LOT of time and frustration and call Alan. You'll be glad you did.
- Cheryl S. Shingle Springs, CA (1/07/2017)

Yelp Five-star Rating Fantastic Service Install Today And Great Phone Coordination! - Couldn't be happier with the entire experience...and I saved a lot of money on the monthly rate. - James C. Carson City, NV (8/13/2016)

Yelp Five-star Rating Fantastic Service From The First Phone Call To The Final Tech Installation! - We installed out Direct TV dish on the center of our roof because the rest is hidden under trees (and Direct TV came out and told us it was the best place). We had a new roof installed, bought a mounting bracket and they roofed around the new set up. A few years go by and have some issues with the picture.

Now Direct TV will not touch the dish because they will not go on the roof. Enter Alan and his team to the rescue! He told me about upgrade options and had us back up and running with the new (new to us) Genie system! Always great to find a local company that still cares about service. Thank you guys!
- Matt G., Rescue, CA (2/29/2016)

Yelp Five-star Rating Incredible Service - I spent hours on the phone trying to call internet providers directly today. I called Alan afterward, and he patiently talked through my situation and helped me find the best solution. Incredibly thankful for his time and insight. We'll definitely call again for future service needs. - Angela M., Plymouth, CA (7/6/2015)

Yelp Five-star Rating Alan And His Crew Have Been Top Notch - The jobs that I've needed help with are not trivial. El Dorado helped me establish internet service in a remote part of the Baja California for the week I was visiting. I was so impressed with that effort, I hired Alan to install my DirecTV and Hughes Gen4 internet on a property in northern California. I highly recommend El Dorado Networks. - Chris T., Belvedere Tiburon, CA (12/17/2014)

Yelp Five-star Rating Fastest Response Ever! - Installation within 2 days! David, the installer extraordinaire, did a really secure mounting and got a great signal. David was very nice, neat and helpful! Thank you so much, David!! - Nicky W. El Dorado, CA (01/2/2017)

Yelp Five-star Rating Customer Service Still Exists! - Not only did David Jansen, our highly informative and friendly installer show up on Christmas Eve(and worked well into the evening) to install our internet and Satellite TV, but the owner, AlanThompson not only managed to get us an install date QUICKLY, but also showed up to make sure everything was going smoothly. My husband and I run a home business which requires the internet.

When we purchased a home in Somerset, CA, which is quite rural and does not have paved access roads leading all the way to our house, I was nervous about us being able to even get internet service. I researched local companies prior to our move and luckily I came across El Dorado Satellite TV and Internet! Not to mention, the recent rains had managed to make our roads even WORSE than usual and require an AWD or 4x4 vehicle just to get to the house.

David still managed to show up, install a new post for the new satellite dish, start the install, when Alan showed up to make sure all was moving forward. We are highly impressed and grateful to both David and Alan for the excellent job and service they provided us. Choose El Dorado Satellite TV and Internet! You will be thankful you did!
- Gina R. Somerset, CA (12/27/2016)

Yelp Five-star Rating Great Service! - El Dorado Satellite is a local company emphasizing your needs and interests with a personal touch. There are so many options these days it's nice to be able to ask a question and get a straight answer. I got the service I needed and cut my cable bill in half. The installer did a great job and in no time I was online. This is a 5 Star company for sure. - Stephen R. El Dorado, CA (11/30/2016)

Yelp Five-star Rating I Could Not Be Happier! - ...with the Alan and Dave and the service they provided in getting internet access to our cabin. Alan was responsive, and helpful in selecting and scheduling a quick turn around install for our beautiful cabin nestled in a group of very tall trees. The technician, Dave, was able to find the optimal spot and make recommendations that will ensure our internet access works great. I would recommend them for any hard to service home. You guys ROCK!. - Stephanie J. Palo Alto, CA (10/3/2016)

Yelp Five-star Rating Great Service! - Great service, very helpful and attentive. Would recommend highly! - Christine H., Mountain Ranch, CA (10/14/2014)

Yelp Five-star Rating They Are Good, As Good As It Gets! - I met Alan at the county fair in Placerville, where he had his stand. At the time we had dial up, and were considering getting something faster. Our choices were either or Verizon.

I did not order the service at the fair, since I wanted to do a research on leaking of Emf. After my research I found out that there is about 2-10% leakage and the best way to avoid it, is to mount the dish away from the house. Verizon's transmitter is too strong and not as directional, therefore polluting your home with excess frequencies. Low emf pollution was my goal and that was my request when I ordered the service with Eldorado Satellite.

Alan and his crew came and install the dish about 50 feet away from the house on a granite rock, we were online in no time. I was not eligible to lease the equipment, so I had to buy it, but Alan gave me several different discount coupons that helped reduced the cost way down (about $200 in discounts), that was nice.

The internet is fast, like really fast, I measured on "test my speed" and it comes up to 10 Mbps. Awesome

Update After 3 Months: the service came down to almost zero, and I contacted technical service - not very helpful, but Alan kicked in and optimized some stuff on their side and it works fast again.

I would definitely recommend Alan and his crew to anyone getting satellite services. You really want someone professional and prompt, especially when it comes to problems. They are good, as good as it gets! I'm really glad I didn't just order the service online at
- Dejan O., Placerville, CA (9/15/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Great Service! - We live in the foothills, and have been a Direct TV customer for many, many years. We were told by Direct TV that they could no longer service us, due to the fact that our satellite is on the roof and they cannot go on the roof any longer. I called Alan Thompson of El Dorado Networks, and he told us not to worry at all. He came out, was so very professional, serviced our problems, and we were up and running. I would highly recommend their services. - Rose M., Placerville, CA (6/30/2014)

Yelp Five-star Rating El Dorado Networks'S Five-Star Reputation Is Well Earned Alan Thompson's honesty and integrity stand out in the sea of satellite competitors. I found Alan through Yelp. I called El Dorado Networks' phone number in hopes of finding someone to install internet satellite for my family. I chose not to leave a message on their business answering machine and after I hung up; not even 5 minutes after, Alan was calling me back. After a short discussion, he pointed me in the direction of Dishnet and since I have Dish Network; he made me aware that I would get a better rate than going with another competitor. He answered all my questions and even advised me on a way to lower my monthly bill. Alan knows this business very well and won't steer you down the wrong path when it comes to choosing the best service for your needs. - Mae L., Somerset, CA (10/04/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating I Had The Best Experience Working With Alan Thompson And His Crew - Alan went out of the way helping me set up my new e-mail address and I highly recommend his service. - Agnes D. El Dorado, CA (7/29/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Excellent, Professional Service - The installers were on time, very professional and helpful. Alan provides service beyond that of other satellite providers I've used in the past and invited me to contact him with any questions. He is up to date with what is happening with my local service; if he doesn't know the answer, he finds out and calls or emails me back. I highly recommend this professional company. - Angela H., Georgetown, CA (7/5/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Alan And His Staff Are Pros! - Our business is located in a VERY remote location and the service works great. - Kathy T, Auburn, CA (5/20/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Great Service Provider - Fast response time. Very professional and polite installers. - Carmen B, Placerville, CA (3/7/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Alan And His Staff Are Very Attentive And Extremely Helpful - We had Hughesnet once before, and were less than satisfied with the fellow who did that installation. Alan's installation was far superior. Although Hughes isn't perfect we came back to them after trying a different wireless service, with less than adequate results. This is the first Yelp review I have ever written and I highly recommend this company. - Carole M., Somerset, CA (2/20/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Alan And His Installation Team Are Great - Good communication, professional installation and great customer service. I recommend these guys. - Dale E., Houston, TX 2/6/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Great Service - and they are right on top of it if there are any problems. I am recommending them whole heartily. First class act. If you need high-speed satellite service, go with El Dorado Networks! I am a satisfied customer. - Rod S., Placerville, CA (2/2/2013)

Yelp Five-star Rating Awesome Experience! - I read one bad review but did not get swayed from making my call to this company. The phone was answered by Alan (the owner) immediately. We talked about my internet service, which was the reason for my inquiry call, and when I chose to not go with satellite, he very graciously referred me to another local company who he thought might be able to help me. I found speaking with Alan a delight and very informative and if I'm ever able to change my need and can go with satellite, I will be sure to give Alan a call again and use his company. Awesome experience! Thanks Alan! - Karen Y. Placerville, CA (2/17/2017)

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